UncleP uses Premier Artist Maple series drums (except snare):

26 x 18 bass drum
10 x 8 tom
13 x 9 tom
16 x 16 floor tom
18 x 16 floor tom
13 x 3.5 black steel Pearl piccolo

All top heads are Remo Emperors (snare is Emperor-X)tuned just taught of slack for a low pitched, solid tone, and all bottom heads are Remo Ebony Ambassadors (bass drum head has been custon covered with Dragnerve 'D' logo). Hardware is a mix of Pearl, Mapex, Ludwig and Dixon. Bass drums pedals are belt drive Pearl Eliminator double bass drum pedal with the red cam attached on both sides and spring tension set to medium.

Cymbals are:
14" Zildjian Rock Hi Hat
17" Mehmet Instanbul Radiant crash
8" Zildjian Edge Splash
9" Zildjian Oreintal Trash Splash
20" Sabian Classic Ride
22" Paiste 2000 Heavy Ride
18" Paiste 2002 China

'I f**king hate carrying these motherf**kers! But I love having the time to set them up slowly, which is rare, and once they are set up to my liking I could just look at the whole thing for hours - drum kits to me are like a piece of art. I love the way Lars Ulrichs kit looked in the Justice...days - that white Tama kit with black hard ware. That was the nuts. I like it much better than the kit he plays now.'

'Look is one thing but you have to be comfortable when you play. I can't play with my rack toms really flat and low as is the trend these days, and although it looks cool - check out Dave McClains from Machine Heads kit which looks so awesome - it physically hinders my playing. The best thing I was ever told was to close your eyes and play and have someone place the drums where you naturally hit them. I guarantee your kit won't look anything like you expected.'

'I pracitice, or try to practice for an hour everyday at home - which being in London means on practice pads covered in towels with a metronome. It sucks. Rehearsals are when I can put all that wood shedding to good use. I also try and keep in some sort physical shape by running. It helps when playing live, cos you really have to pace yourself. I use a metronome when I practice, but not when playing live or in rehearsals. It's very important to do both. Using a metronome all the time can make you rely too heavily on it, and also can make things feel stagnent. Music is an organic, breathing thing, so it shouldn't be played exactly the same all the time. If you're feeling hyped then you're gonna play faster, but that's natural. It's more important to pace yourself and not blow all your energy in the first 2 songs of the set.'



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Paul 'UncleP' Fowler