Sad times.... R.I.P. Dragnerve :(

Guys and Gals,

It is with an enormous amount of regret that we have to announce as of today, Dragnerve will be going on “Indefinite Hiatus”.

Unfortunately, the reality of the pressures of life, work and love are such that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to commit the time, care and attention needed that the band deserves. So we have decided that, if Dragnerve can’t continue with the four of us as it does now, then it just wouldn’t be Dragnerve…

However!! This isn’t completely the end! The love that we have for each other and the music we’ve created is WAY too strong to just walk away from. For a start, we’ve still got a bunch of unreleased new songs that we’re going to be polishing off and releasing over the next couple of months, via our website, Facebook, Myspace (…urrrgh!) and YouTube – we all thought it’d be a helluvah shame if some of these tracks never saw the light of day, so they will surface in some form in the not too distant future. And we will still be getting together to jam every once in a while, as and when everyone’s schedules permits... who knows – we may even pop out of retirement for the odd show on special occasions, assuming of course that we can get our shit together and if anyone will book us! ;-)

So - to everyone who has been with us along the way, everyone who supported us, came to the shows, bought T-Shirts (or bought us drinks!!) – we all want to say THANK YOU!!!! It’s been an awesome ride and we’ve nothing but love for you!!!

But for now, from the hairy and unfashionable Dragnerve boys, we have to say “Adieu”…

…for now.

Andy, Lee, Rolly & Paul




Dragnerve are VERY proud to announce that we are now managed by Sirens Music Management Ltd!

How cool is that?! Very... is the right answer!

Good things are in the works already!!!!!!

If you would like to book us (and who in there right mind wouldnt?!) then get in touch with either Lara or Pat at Sirens Music Management (number and email below) and they will make your Dragnerve related dreams come true.... within reason! Well, we dont want to turn up to a nude midget wrestling contest with punters demanding that we play Celine Dion covers..... well, not again anyway!

So give the guys a call/ email and book us good n hard!

Email Lara or Pat: Sirens Music Management Ltd
Call: 07854 841 892 Dragnerve



HOLD THE PHONE!!!! "What???!!!!" We hear you cry, YES!!!! You hear correctly... we have FINALLY broke free of our studio hold up after what seems a lifetime and we are playing our first gig of the summer at the world famous Mondo Water Rats.

We'll be playing BRAND new stuff... YES, BRAND FUCKING NEW tunes you've NEVER heard before and some of our old tunes.... revamped to make them ..well better, heavier... dare we say sexier.... yes we DARE! Well we've been busy aint we!!!

Be there and show your support and we will make your ears bleed, mouth water and all that and more.

We're on stage at 8.45pm but get there EARLY as it looks like it's going to be packed!

Tickets on the door are £8.

Nearest tube: King's Cross St Pancras
Venue website:

Dragnerve website:

See you there!!!!


Check out our new video and mp3 download!!!


LOL!... dont worry... it's ONLY for FUN!!!! However, we've done it in our own style and brought it BANG up to date... and if we do say so ourselves... it's pretty FUCKIN metal!!
Check it out below... click the youtube button for the vid or (AND!) download the mp3 go to out media page.
and dont for get to leave a comment on our youtube page.


Check the progress of our DEBUT album with Andy's blog!

Andy has been keeping himself busy (and trying to stay sane) while awaiting his turn in the studio by writing an, almost, daily blog about our time in the studio recording our debut album!


New gig and break from recording

We've been holed up in the studio for a while now so we thought we'd have a break and do a gig!

Come join us at The Gaff on Holoway Rd 13 June. We'll be performing a bunch of new tunes too!

Check out the flyer below for more details



Tribal and Trauma!

If you haven't already, check out our latest live video. This one is rather special as we are treating you to a tune that we haven't even recorded yet!... 'TRIBAL' The video was recorded at Belushi's Bar, our home from home! So enjoy!

This video is rather poignant as it's a reminder to us that that night was bitter/ sweet. Sweet because it was one of the best gigs we've done... bitter because a bus ploughed into our drummer's car!

Click 'blog' to read about that night in Andy's latest blog:


Dragnerve gets clothed?

We are VERY proud to announce we are now endorsed by Darkside Clothing. They have a great range of alternative designs that are seriously kickass! Check them out here:



Dragnerve on the silver screen!!!

Hey all!!!!!!

HUGE NEWS!!!!! The mighty cry of WAAAAAARR with slamming metal grooves that can ONLY be Dragnerve, is the soundtrack to horrific real life images of the war in Iraq...yes...Dragnerve finally made it on to the silver screen, and into the Guinness World Records at the same time!

We are proud to have our track A Life In Ashes included in the eco-docu-film The Age of Stupid which has received huge amounts of media attention over the last month or so.

The aim is to get 250 million people to view the film to build up for the Copenhagen talks in December where we will get to decide the fate of humanity. Global Warming is THE most pressing issue we will face in our lifetimes so we suggest you get involved.


Age of Stupid goes on general release in the UK on 20th March.


A change in ranks!

First of all, we are sorry to announce that Alain has decided to leave Dragnerve for pastures new. He's been a part of us since the beginning and we wish him well! We'll miss ya you crazy Belgian!!

Secondly, We are VERY proud to welcome our good friend Rolly Lyons to the Dragnerve ranks. Rolly was previously with the critically acclaimed band 'Flict' before joining us. He's also no stranger to Dragnerve as he has filled in for us while Alain was studing. However THIS TIME he's permanent!

Watch this space for news of our first gig with Rolly and some photos too!


New gig dates for 2009!

Belushi's Bar Camden: 13 Feb
Surface Unsigned Festival 22nd Feb.
Boston Meeting Rooms
The Grosvenor 20th March

Tickets for the Surface Unsigned gig are available here:



Many, MANY thanks for all those who turned up to see what turned out to be Dragnerve's biggest and best show to date last Friday!

"It was a fantastic gig" recalls Grizz, " We had an absolute blast, love every minute of it!! We made a load of new friends too.

We would like to thank our new friends Frank, Jonny and Rob from Sworn Amongst for being so god damn nice and old friends Pat, Chris, Hans and Dylan from 101%Pantera for being fucking ace hosts!

For those of you that missed the gig... BIG SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Dragnerve are taking sometime off while Alain recovers from a serious hand injury but they will be back next year with new shows and brand new material!

Stay tuned!


Dimebag Memorial News!!!

Unfortunatly, Dope have had to drop out of the memorial show due to a few problems Stateside. However, there is still a great line up, with 101%Pantera (UKs premiere Pantera Tribute band), Sworn Amongst and the mighty Dragnerve!!

The 'nerve have also let slip that they are going to perform a Dimebag track for the Dime Memorial... " Ha ha!! Yeah, we are working on it! The boys in 101%Pantera have got Dime pretty well covered" says Grizz, "I mean, you gotta see Chris perform... it's like hearing the late Dime himself!! So, yeah, they have that covered, but we really wanted to pay tribute so we're doing a different Dime track. I'm gonna leave it as a suprise but I reckon people will like it!"

Dragnerve play the Dimebag Memorial show 5th Dec at the Camden Underworld.


New London gigs !

Dragnerve are to play the well known metal haunt, The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden THIS Thursday 23rd Oct.

They will be appearing with 3 other bands: Snake Eyes, Advina and Blood Meridian.

Doors open at 8pm

Also, catch them at Belushis in Camden, this Saturday 25th Oct as they headline a great night of metal with VyTL SyNE and more from 7.00pm til 2am!

See ya there!


Dragnerve New gig dates!

Check out the flyer below for the gig list.

Also see our gigs page for more details.


Dragnerve to perform at the Fiddler's Elbow Camden 17th August 2008!

Dragnerve are going to be playing at the legendary venue, The Fidller's Elbow Chlak Farm, Camden. They will be playing the heaviest 30 mins they have played for a while!

" We'll have two new tunes ready for this gig. I have to say they fuckin' ROCK!!! You're gonna love 'em!" says Dragnerve guitarist Grizz.

Doors open at 7.30pm, first band on at 8.00pm. Check the link for the map and flier below.




Dragnerve on Totalrock radio Monday 4th August!!!

Dragnerve are going to be featured on Totalrock Radio, the uk's premiere rock station tomorrow (4th August) 8-10pm!

Totalrock DJ Thekla will be playing a couple of Dragnerve's tracks and talking about the band.

So make sure you dont miss it! Tune in and listen to some quality rock and metal @


Dragnerve on Kerrang Radio AGAIN??!!

Yes indeed!! Dragnerve were played again on last Fridays' 'Temple of Doom Show' on Kerrang! 105.2 (04.07.08).

Again we would like to give a huge thanks to Mr.Johnny Doom (host) for playing us! You are d'man!!!

Click below for the podcast
(Friday night show)

Go listen to the podcast now (click the Kerrang Logo link below). If you dont want to listen to the whole show and we suggest you DO, then we are in the 2hr of the show.


Dragnerve with 101%Pantera

Dragnerve will be playing with the UK's Premier Pantera Tribute band on the 18th July at The Standard Music Venue E17.

If you like your metal loud ( as it SHOULD be!!) then come along... IT'S GONNA BE BRUTAL!!!

Check out the flyer below for details.



Dragnerve as featured band!

Dragnerve are the new featured band on '' hosted by Big Jim!

We have two, yep count them, TWO of our tracks featured on the 'Best of British' playlist. Thanks Big Jim! Stay heavy!

So come check us out here and listen to some damn fine metal!:


Dragnerve Win the Bristol Uni BOTBs!!!

Dragnerve came, they saw and they fuckin' conquered!!! They now go on to headline a festival in Bristol. More details when we have them.

Grizz says "We have to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the HUGE problem of having our equipment accidently locked up in a dressing room moments before we were due on stage and a someone keying Andy's car when we were loading up! He aint happy!!"

But despite ALL that Dragnerve played a brutal set and the crowd lapped it up.

Dragnerve would also like to thank 'Storm Theory' for the use of their amp and to all the bands who took part.

Not forgetting John, Ally and co from the Bristol Uni Rock Soc for organising the event.

Photos to be posted soon


New gig and Free Stuff?

Dragnerve are confirmed to play at Bristol Uni on the 2nd May as part of a BOTB competition hosted by the Rock Society.
Check the gig page for more info.

As Dragnerve bassist Alain has holed himself up revising for the onslaught of his law exams, Rolly Lyons (Flict) has stepped up to to stand in for him for both the Bristol gig and the Camden Dingwalls gig. Much respect and big shouts to Rolly for taking on the challenge.

NEW FREE STUFF!!! Yes, now you all know how much we love giving away free stuff...check out our Myspace page to download our Dragnerve mobile phone wallpapers and get customising your very own Dragphone! Designs are all done in-house by none other than riff-meister Grizz.

Also check out our Youtube page for our latest live video filmed at the Purple Turtle in Camden, which was Scott's last gig with us.

Now don't say we ain't good to you, eh!

As ever, stay muthaf**kin' heavy!


Dragnerve on Kerrang Radio!

Dragnerve are pleased to announce that their track 'Random Acts' was played on the prestigious 'Temple of Doom Show' on Kerrang! 105.2 Friday night (11.04.08). The show is the only dedicated metal show left on a commercial station in the UK.

We want to give a huge thanks to the legendary Johnny Doom (host) for playing us! Cheers dude!!!

Click below for the podcast
(Friday night show)


Dragnerve in Semi Finals!

Dragnerve are now through to the semi finals of the Emergenza Unsigned Contest. These take place at Dinwalls in Camden on the 14th May.

Dragnerve are scheduled to play at 10pm so if you missed them last time (shame on you!) now's the chance to make up for it.

Contact us at dragnerve@googlemail for tickets.

Click below for further details on this gig.


Sad News

Dragnerve have amicably parted ways with guitarist Scott and will carry on as a 4 piece for the meantime. We wish him well for the future.

Unfortunately, as a result they will not be playing the Semiconductor charity event at the Cross Kings Pub in London on the 28th March as they were scheduled to.

The departure of Scott will not however affect the current writing of their debut album. Watch this space for further news on this.


Dragnerve finish film music!

Dragnerve have recently finished their track for the up coming film ' The Age of Stupid' featuring veteran actor Pete Postlethwaite (Usual Suspects).
"We have been working closely with Age of Stupid director Franny Armstrong and Spanner Films to provide them with a suitable piece of heavy music. We have reworked 'A life in Ashes' and we are all really pleased with the result. We cant wait to see the film!"

Age of Stupid will be released in cinemas in May 2008.




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