Dragnerve smacks out a sledgehammer of heavy, melodic tunes, reminiscent of the pounding grooves of Pantera, the brutality of Machine Head and the powerhouse riffs of old Metallica but with their own particular Dragnerve twist. They are creating slamming, heavy music incorporating thunderous grooves that they feel are sorely lacking from some of todays metal scene.

Having been brought up in possibly the finest metal decade from the late 80's to the late 90's, Dragnerve are keen to carry on that sound to the younger generation who sadly seem brainwashed by the 20-odd music TV channels, constantly pumping out sub-standard pop music.

Drummer UncleP is not happy about this situation as he tells us,'There are few bands really staying true to what metal is. It's like suddenly everything got chopped in two - on one side there is metal where it's all heavy riffs and screaming, and the other side (which I really can't bear) where it's all basically popified metal with pretty boys acting up and singing like total p**sies! Metal can have melody - look at Machine Head. Awesome band. Look at Metallica in their Puppets era. Look at Pantera. This was all heavy as f**k music but had strong melody. For me, slamming riffs are one thing, but it's the melodies that stick in your head... and they don't have to be some cheesy pop melody either. I mean we grew up with this music and it raised the bar so high that few have been able to touch it since. That's where we're trying to aim at and what we want to bring to the younger generation just getting in to heavy music.'

Dragnerve's demo is available for FREE download. But this is no average poor quality demo as UncleP explains,'We just wanted to get some music out there, I mean we've only been together since December 2007, so we wanted to get something quickly together and out there whilst we work on our album. It's not really an EP as such as these are really working versions of tracks that will appear, whether totally re-arranged or not, on our album. Releasing them as a EP would kind of cut off these tracks from our album which we didn't want to do, as we may well develope them further. So yeah, they really are demos in that sense. But I did a course in sound engineering, so they really don't sound like your average demo tracks, they sound pretty 'finished' so to speak. But they are out there for all to enjoy for FREE and circulate around until such time as we are ready to unleash our album.'




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Andy Hutton

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Rolly Lyons

Paul Fowler
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