'Since developing a love for all things heavy and nasty in my formative teenage years, I've been singing, screaming and occasionally playing guitar in various bands in and around the South East of England for over a decade.

From playing the London club circuit in Undertow and Dash-K, I hooked up with now defunct Southend noise merchants Stoopi in 2000, and recorded our debut album "Unspoken Word" in 2001 to a fair amount of critical acclaim for an underground UK band… However, as these things are often want to do, label issues led to tensions in the band and an eventual split – some things are just not meant to be.

Now, after far too many years wandering in a grungey/stoner wilderness, I'm back to doing what I love – making ball-crushingly heavy music with my brothers in Dragnerve!! I joined the band in November 2007 after 6 or 8 months of doing nothing musically at all… and being as miserable as hell. So miserable in fact, I very nearly didn't go to the audition! I was questioning everything, if I really wanted to keep doing this? Well I'm FUCKING glad I did, coz good God there's life in the Old Dog yet!! In the first 10 minutes, something just clicked, and I knew then I was going to be doing this for a looooong time to come yet.

It's been an absolute whirlwind since day one! There's so much talent, drive and ambition in this band and after so long with no focus, it's beyond refreshing.

The future's bright…. The future's Heavy as Fuck! '



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Andy Hutton